Dr. Charles Toulson, MD

05/23/2013 Success Stories

“Imagine an eleven year-old, foul-mouth kid from the inner-city growing up in a single family home. I had to repeat the fourth grade.  I was a skinny, poor kid with two left feet. In many ways my life mirrored the life of Ron Burton.  Fast forward after six years of attending RBTV I later was able to win two state championships in high school, attending Duke University, and then later studying orthopedic training at John’s Hopkins.  I also was a part of the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York City, which is the number one orthopedic program in the world. I say this not to brag because I know deep in my heart I am in great debt to Ron Burton and the Ron Burton Training Village. Without RBTV I would not be where I am today.  Ron Burton taught me many things. The greatest thing he taught me was how to love myself, and to love others.  RBTV taught me how to become a leader.  Running the eight miles at RBTV at age eleven was the first thing I learned I was ever good at.  It was truly a life changing experience.  I lacked the moral and spiritual guidance that RBTV was able to give me.  Dreams do come true and they are realized through faith in God, perseverance and hard work.”

DR. CHARLES TOULSON, MD – President and CEO, The Arthritis Institute
Duke University
RBTV 1985-1990