Get Involved

Interested In Volunteering?

Giving comes in all sorts ways.   If you have a special talent you wish to share, insight you would like to offer our campers or simply wish to mow a lawn, let us know.  We will review your information and keep it on file.  As we fine-tune our curriculum and develop our schedule each year, we will attempt to match your talent to our needed operations.  Please click here and fill out the form on our Contact Us page to inquire about Getting Involved!
RBTV Admissions Advisor or Alumnus
Thanks for serving as an advocate and guide for those applying to RBTV.  Click here to submit your contact summary form.  Your input is critical to the process.  We can't thank you enough for your support.

Life Coaches and Assistant Life Coaches
Your service as a coach is so very valuable and we wouldn't as effectively complete our mission without you!  To submit an online report that is noteworthy of accelerated review please click here.  Please submit your Year-End report here.