Who We Are

The Ron Burton Training Village Program is a reflection of the man who built it, lived it, and passed it on. Ron Burton Sr., had a dream to create a village where children could come to train and attain personal growth.

Even as a number one NFL draft choice and the first ever draft pick of the New England Patriots, Ron, Sr., understood it was his faith, integrity, and hard work that helped him succeed even more than his physical training. For this reason, our program leans heavily on character, leadership, and academics.

We are big on love and we are big on family. Every child that enters the village becomes a part of the RBTV family.

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of the Ron Burton Training Village is to train youth to achieve their purpose, despite life’s challenges, through education, leadership, physical wellness, social advancement and spiritual growth.

Our vision is to be an organization that supports the development of the entire human being.

Ron Burton Sr. 

In Springfield, Ohio, there’s a stretch of road that used to be called Highway 68. It’s a road Ron Burton knew better than anyone. Five days a week, at exactly 4:30am, he’d lace up his dad’s work boots – big, clunky shoes with no treads – and head out his front door. He’d take a left down Highway 68, and run. Seven miles. Rain or shine. No matter what.

Today, in Hubbardston, Massachusetts, there’s a special place in the countryside. A place where a hundred Villagers wake up every morning at 4:30am. They lace up their sneakers, take a left out of the dorm, and run seven miles. Rain or shine. No matter what.

It’s a place where Ron Burton’s life and his legacy begin to blur. Where every detail, every idea, and every triumph reflects a lifetime of hard lessons. And a lifetime of giving.

It’s the Ron Burton Training Village. And here, every day is worth a lifetime.

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About RBTV

We equip young people with the skills, resources, and attitude to make winning decisions in life. Our programs are designed to build the core values of love, peace, patience, and humility.

Support RBTV

There are many ways to support the Ron Burton Training Village. Most of our students come on full or partial scholarships. Please take a look at the different sponsorship opportunities and help make a difference in a young person’s life.