Social & Spiritual Growth

The core values are Love, Peace, Patience and Humility.

The Village is run with love and the “Me Third” philosophy (God first, others second and me third).

There are mandatory Bible studies five evenings a week during summer session and once per month during the academic year. Christian values are the foundation upon which we build character.

We know that physical and intellectual success without sound values, wisdom, and good judgment is a setup for eventual failure. We also know that how you treat others will directly affect your level of success in life. That is why the Village employs certain rules to assure maximum positive results.

Only positive and uplifting words are allowed to be spoken. Teasing and making fun of others is not permitted. We do not swear or curse, knowing that the words we choose to speak to others are powerful.

Learning discipline and the lessons behind the meaning of how we speak to others and how we address and present ourselves is of vital importance to our success in life.


Social & Spiritual



Memorize 5 scriptures.


Daily adherence to 10-20 minutes of quiet time. (prayer/meditation)


Document and journal your quiet time.


Conduct daily Bible reading.


Share Godly principles.


Define your ultimate purpose.


Execute your purpose.

The Facility

The Cross on the Hill

The cross on the hill is just that, a cross sitting a bit away from the Village where Villagers can go to sit and reflect during quiet times. It is also used as a gathering place for larger group sermons with the whole Village.


A large part of the RBTV mission is to build spiritual growth. Part of this is done through the time of quiet, peaceful reflection our Villagers have each day. The gazebos and other facilities around the Village are designed with this thought in mind.

The Parthenon

Styled to reflect Greco-Roman architecture, each building and the surrounding landscape gives Villagers a reason to pause and reflect. Many come from places where they have never been in a garden. All of our facilities are meant to promote “beautiful thoughts.”

Rose Garden

Villagers take part in planting and caring for all the gardens and flowers with the help of the Home Depot and other sponsors.

“See beautiful things, think beautiful thoughts” – Ron Burton, Sr.

Ron Burton Sr.

Ron Burton Sr. was an extremely impoverished young boy growing up in Springfield, Ohio who essentially had no parents. His mother passed while he was in middle school and his father became very ill. Ron was moved out of that home to be cared for by other family members. Thankfully, his grandmother who was a gospel preacher, kept young Ron fed and clothed through the church.

This particular coach had no idea he was counseling a young boy who was willing to do anything to stop the other kids from teasing him and find a way to end the laughter at his poverty, lack of athletic talent and the fact that he had to sing in the church choir. On June 22nd young Ron Burton ended his eighth grade year. On June 23rd he woke up at 4:30 a.m. and began building up to run seven miles per day. Ron did this for twelve straight years.

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