Leadership Development

A firm hand-shake. How to interview for a job. How to give a presentation. How to conduct yourself in groups. How to dress for the job you want. This becomes a basic level of knowledge for Villagers.

As Villagers continue to grow within our program, they are exposed to leading business professionals, scholars, community leaders, military officers and so many more. 

They will naturally develop their ability to interact on many levels.

Each Villager is part of a “huddle”. It is here that they will learn how to act as a team, take care of each other and develop strong bonds. Every aspect of The Journey is a shared experience. We make it easy to find a friend.


leadership Journey


You begin a new journey. Focus your mind to see beautiful things so you may think beautiful thoughts.


Training continues as you take the next step in your journey realizing that growth and success come from hard work and commitment.


Leadership begins with service. Find your voice as you help others find their self-worth.


God first, others second, me third. You will utilize this philosophy to lead your team year-round.


A special distinction for those who truly emulate love, peace, patience, and humility. Many pursue... few are chosen. 


You will lead those who lead others. As a college student and RBTV alumni, you will be prepared for this immense challenge.


During this college internship, you will excel as you innovate, strategize, execute programs and drive operations. This is your final step, preparing you for your career.

Ron Burton Sr.

The Ron Burton Training Village (RBTV) began as the effort of one man and his family trying to reach out and help kids in the Boston and New England area. The goal was to reach the meek and downtrodden. RBTV exists to assist in the growth of the children who need a helping hand; and let them know that there are people who care specifically about them and their growth; and that there is a light at the end of a tunnel when challenging circumstances impede their path. Never did we dream almost 20 years ago it would go this far.

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