COVID-19 Update

03/19/2020 News & Announcements

RBTV Family:

We know that everyone is going through a difficult time.  We are certainly going through it with you and while disrupted, we are dedicated to serving families. 

While we have suspended our in-person events, activities, and engagements, we are continuing our current online operations and planning has been accelerated for their expansion.

We are checking in with the families we serve, gaining perspective on their individual challenges, and providing support however we can. 

It is not missed that the most engaging and impactful aspects of our training program take place on our campus during the summer months.  And while those specific activities are in question, our mission to enrich the lives of children is not. We are working on ways to alternatively deliver character & leadership development, physical wellness, social and educational advancement and spiritual growth.  We know that the source of our motivation is much greater than this virus. 

We will endeavor to keep RBTV operating and serving.  Your love and support is welcomed now more than ever. We appreciate all that our supporters have done and will continue to do to serve others.  God Bless our leaders, our families, and all those that serve.       

Love, peace, patience, and humility remain strong against this virus.  May your family do so as well.