George Toulson

05/21/2013 Success Stories

“Currently I live in the Philadelphia suburbs with my wife Robyn and three sons, Quentin, Trevor and Bryant.  I work for the Vanguard Group, the countries largest mutual fund company, where I am as Sales Executive in our Financial Advisor Services group.  I attended the Ron Burton Training Village from 1985 to 1990, where I enjoyed some of the best summers of my life.  Through Ron Burton and the many years I spent at RBTV, I learned and reinforced the values of hard work, friendship, sacrifice, respect, commitment and love of all people.  Surviving a summer at RBTV prepared you for just about any endeavor and/or challenge one might face in the years ahead.  The experience has impacted and influenced just about every part of my life including completing college and earning a degree in Economics from Yale University, to starting and building a successful career in the financial services industry, to being the father and husband that I am today.” 

GEORGE TOULSON- Sales Executive, Vanguard Group
Yale University
RBTV 1985-1990